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Eastern Sierras Experience

Eastern Sierras Experience

When:  September 26 – September 29, 2024

The Eastern Sierra Experience

PRICE: Driver $2,592 / Passenger $775

Day 1 Our meet up time at the Fairgrounds is 9AM with a driver meeting to go over the day starting at 9:30AM, we will then depart from the Fairgrounds by 10AM and head South on 395 into Big Pine where we will take Highway 168 scenic byway making our way up the White Mountains in to the Bristlecone Pine Forest. The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is home to the oldest trees in the world, bristlecone pines. Some of these living trees exceed 4000 years of age and exhibit spectacular growth forms of twisted and beautifully colored wood. There are 2 different groves we will be visiting with different hikes at each grove. Be cautious, these groves are at extremely high elevation. We will have a trailside lunch while visiting the Bristlecone Pines before making our descent down Silver Canyon. Silver Canyon is such an amazing trail that drops you directly in to Bishop, there are multiple creek crossings, the possibility of spotting California Big Horn Sheep, and a place that will but you’re driving and offroad abilities to the test in a safe and supported environment. Once we get to the bottom of Silver Canyon, we will make our way back to the fairgrounds where dinner will be ready for us.

Day 2 We will start with Breakfast at the Fairgrounds. Expect breakfast to be ready no later than 8am. We will be departing the Fairgrounds by 10AM for the second day’s adventure. We will start off by heading North out of town hitting the dirt roads ASAP. Along the first section of dirt there are multiple ancient petroglyph sites we will be stopping at. After leaving the last petroglyph site we will make our way into a slot canyon where you get to drive your van up the canyon where red rock towers on either side of you. Once exiting the Slot canyon, we will make our way to one of the old, abandoned mine sites in the area where miners left behind what was once their lively hood and is now just rusted equipment from a lost time in history. From the mine site we will head towards Crowley Lake and have a trailside lunch somewhere in between. Once we reach Crowley Lake, we will head back South taking the Old Highway 395 through Paradise, CA winding through the beautiful countryside of Inyo County down into Bishop where we will end our day back at the Fairgrounds with dinner ready for us.

Day 3 will again start with breakfast at the Fairgrounds with a little bit earlier start today. We will be packing everything up as we will not be coming back to the Fairgrounds today. We will be headed off into the wilderness to boondock in the forest. With a start time of 9:30AM We will again be heading North straight to our dirt road making our way to Hot Creek. Hot Creek is a place to marvel at geology in action. Boiling water bubbling up from the creek bed, fumaroles, and periodic geyser eruptions at Hot Creek attest to the chamber of hot magma which lies about three miles below the surface of the earth in this area. Expect to spend a little bit of time here as we will have our trailside lunch here as well. From Hot Creek we will continue our journey North on the dirt roads heading into the Mammoth Basin area exploring the magnificent pine forest along the way. We will be Boondocking in the National Forest and once we arrive at camp dinner will be waiting for us again.

Day 4 will be a relaxed morning enjoying Breakfast and reminiscing on the last couple of days as this is our last day of the trip. We will get started around 10AM and head out to 395 over to the June Lake Loop. We will take our time and explore some of the cool things in the June Lake Loop then continue our journey North on dirt roads overlooking the beautiful Mono Lake. Once we arrive in Lee Vining, we will take a short jaunt up Highway 120 over to the road that leads up to Log Cabin Mine. Log Cabin Mine is one of the highest elevation gold mines in the state of California. It was also one of the highest producing gold mines in California. We will have Lunch here and then head back down the mountain where we will say our goodbyes and head our separate ways concluding the trip.

  • All meals are prepared by our gourmet chef “Lena” that cooks everything fresh every day. We bring a gourmet flair to camp cooking, and you’ll be raving about the meals every day! Lena has been catering for our events from the beginning and has turned many of our support crew in to foodies!
  • Expect breakfasts like French Toast with Sausage, or an amazing Veggie scramble.
  • Dinners range from Seared steak, whole roasted sweet potato topped with lentils, micro greens, pickled onions, avocado, ranchero sauce, sour cream, cilantro, and lime slaw or Farro salad with Fennel, and Apple, toasted Walnuts. Asparagus with garlic and lemon and Beef/Pork meatballs with marinera and creamy Polenta.
  • Lunches will be on the trail “Picnic Style” with premade sandwiches with chips, drinks and fruit. We will provide condiments, veggies, and cheese you can add on to your sandwich at lunch.
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