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Death Valley Experience

Death Valley Experience

When:  November 7th – 10th, 2024

Death Valley Experience

PRICE:   $2,592 / $775 passenger


The Death Valley Experience will take you through remote passes of Death Valley National Park that only the adventurer’s seek out. Along the journey you will explore abandoned gold mines, ghost towns, warm springs, and amazing natural artifacts. This trip is full of amazing views and possible extreme weathers.

Starting in Trona CA, we will start our journey around 10am making our way into Panamint Valley and in to the old ghost town of Ballarat. Ballarat holds some interesting history of a dark time in California. One of the vehicles on display here is Charles Mansons old Dodge Power Wagon. From Ballarat the trek into Death Valley National Park begins. Our next stop will be the charcoal kilns above Wildrose where we will have lunch at. Once leaving the charcoal kilns we will make our way towards Stove Pipe Wells and find camp along the way where dinner will be served shortly after arriving at camp and the campfire stories begin.

Day 2: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast will be served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and get ready for the adventures that await. Day 2 is packed with fun. Starting just outside of Stove Pipe Wells, we’ll work deep in to Death Valley and stop along the way at the many wonders of the land stopping in Furnace creek for our only fuel stop on the entire trip and continuing to Bad water basin where we will have lunch. Bad water basin is the lowest point in the Northern hemisphere that your can walk at 282 feet below sea level it’s a fascinating site. From Badwater well finding camp near Westside Road. As we arrive, dinner will be on its way to being served and we will enjoy a wonderful night around the campfire eating dinner and telling stories of the fun adventures we all have been on.

Day 3: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast will be served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and get ready for an early departure. Today we are making the drive up from Westside Road to the famous Racetrack. We will stop at points of interest along the way and have lunch at Ubehebe Crater before entering the long dirt road out to the Racetrack. We’ll have plenty of time to walk into the Racetrack and examine the cool trails left behind by the racing rocks. We’ll be camping at the campground on the south side of the Racetrack where dinner will be served and engage in more campfire talk.

Day 4: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast will be served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and get ready for the most technical part of the trail. Down Lippincott Pass into Saline Valley. Once down into Saline Valley we will make our turn on to South Pass Road and climb our way out of Death Valley National Park. We will stop along the trail for lunch then continue along to Highway 190 and make our turn down to Lone Pine CA, where we will sadly say our goodbyes and head our separate ways.

This trip requires a minimum 200-mile range of fuel. If you need to carry extra fuel, please remember to do so. This is not a place we want a fuel crisis.

  • All meals are prepared by our gourmet chef “Lena” that cooks everything fresh every day. We bring a gourmet flair to camp cooking, and you’ll be raving about the meals every day! Lena has been catering for our events from the beginning and has turned many of our support crew into foodies!
  • Expect breakfasts like French Toast with Sausage, or an amazing Veggie scramble.
  • Dinners range from Seared steak, whole roasted sweet potato topped with lentils, micro greens, pickled onions, avocado, ranchero sauce, sour cream, cilantro, and lime slaw or Farro salad with Fennel, and Apple, toasted Walnuts. Asparagus with garlic and lemon and Beef/Pork meatballs with marinera and creamy Polenta.
  • Lunches will be on the trail “Picnic Style” with premade sandwiches with chips, drinks and fruit. We will provide condiments, veggies, and cheese you can add on to your sandwich at lunch.
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