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Van Wife Components Bed System

Original price $175.00 - Original price $3,499.00
Original price
$175.00 - $3,499.00
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Package: 1 Bed Panel

The Van Wife Components Multifunction Bed System is a versatile furniture system for your van that can create numerous configurations, including a platform bed, two bunks, couch, desk, or table. The entire system can be hung on the wall vertically (2 per side) to open the entire back of the van.

The system works by integrating adjustable panels that hang from themselves and from our J channel. Each panel has a thumb screw to be able to hold the panel in place while in use by fitting into the predrilled J channel holes.

Our predrilled J channel has holes spaced to be able to set the locking bolts in place and prevent sliding, as well as to create a stable back rest in couch mode.

Each panel is 18" deep and adjusts from 60"-72" wide. J channel is 75" long. For installation, please ensure that your walls are within these dimensions and are as parallel as possible to one another. J channel needs to be supported adequately either through attachment to framing members or other bracing systems. We offer a 66" and 75" tubing solution to span a Flare or shim out a wall. Each panel can support up to 400 pounds of weight when installed properly.

While there are countless configurations, we typically recommend 4 panels and 3 sets of J channel to create 3 mounting heights. This allows for the most configurations, including platform bed, bunks, table, couch, and desk configurations. Even in shorter vans, such as a Sprinter 144, the 4th panel will be used for bunks and as a storage shelf.

3 panels creates a 54" platform and 4 panels creates a 72" platform.

This system is not a seating solution for while the van is in motion and we do not recommend adding seatbelts or using this system while driving. Please secure all panels before driving and do not drive with any of our leg systems in place. Panels must be strapped in place if hung vertically while in motion.

Installation Guide