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Serg Supply Transit Van Stealth Bench Cabinet

Original price $795.00 - Original price $1,495.00
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$795.00 - $1,495.00
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Material: Stealth
Size: 20"

Introducing our newest line of cabinetry, Stealth. The Stealth line was created for the true enthusiasts who take their adventure vans off the beaten path. Made of 3/4" Hex Ply for the most burly and indestructible cabinet ever built for a camper van. The exterior Phenolic Resin coating is specifically designed to take a beating and add a protective layer to the exterior that repels chemicals and moisture to keep your van cabinets in the best possible condition, no matter what type of environment you find yourself in. 

The Transit Van Bench Cabinet is a meticulously crafted storage solution that's more than just an accessory; it's a must-have addition for van life, van conversions, and DIY van projects. With exceptional features designed to cater to van life enthusiasts, conversion enthusiasts, and professional van builders, this modular cabinet enhances your mobile lifestyle while offering durability, convenience, and superior quality.

This versatile Transit Van Bench Cabinet can transform any van space, introducing a touch of organization and convenience. Whether you're embarking on an epic road trip, turning your van into a cozy home, or simply looking to optimize your van life, our cabinet is the perfect addition.

Use it to store a stowaway toilet for essential bathroom breaks, keep canned goods neatly organized, store your collection of shoes, or even create a handy workspace for your van life projects. The possibilities are as endless as your adventures on the road.

Sometimes, our Transit Van Bench Cabinet is enough for your storage needs. We understood that from the beginning, and that's why we also have our Transit Van Wheel Well Cabinets for all that extra gear you didn't know you would be bringing with you on your trip to the unknown.


  • Lightweight Construction: We know that weight is always a concern during van conversion; our STEALTH line of cabinetry is 30% lighter than our standard cabinets
  • High-Strength Dado Assembly: Engineered for durability, our Transit Van Bench Cabinet is constructed using high-strength dado assembly techniques, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of life on the road.
  • Soft Close Hinges on Lid: Say goodbye to noisy lid closures. Our cabinet features soft-close hinges, providing a gentle and quiet operation, keeping your van space peaceful and organized.
  • Gas Piston Lift Assist: No more struggling with heavy cabinet doors. The integrated gas piston lift assist system effortlessly props the cabinet door open, making it a breeze to access your essentials, whether it's on the road or at your van conversion site.
  • Single Units or Bundle: We understand that van conversions come in all shapes and sizes. That's why our Transit Van Modular Bench Cabinet is available in single units or as a bundle with both units included, offering flexibility for your unique van conversion project.
  • Ships on a Pallet: Your peace of mind matters to us. We ship your cabinet on a pallet to ensure its safe arrival, providing added protection during transit.


  • Stealth: All Ultralight Black Hex-Ply Assembly
  • Stealth + Maple: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Maple Doors
  • Stealth + Bamboo: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Amber Bamboo Doors

Please refer to our materials page here to see images and details of each option: Materials


  • 20" Unit: 20"W x 20"L x 21"H | 26lbs
  • 40" Unit: 40"W x 20"L x 21"H | 45lbs

DIY Installation 

Installation Difficulty: Easy
Installation Time: 30min
Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool