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Serg Supply Sprinter Van Stealth Cabinet | Overhead Squared

Original price $1,419.53 - Original price $2,513.16
Original price
$1,419.53 - $2,513.16
Current price $1,419.53
Depth: Low Profile (12")
Material: Stealth
Width: 36"

Introducing our newest line of cabinetry, Stealth. The Stealth line was created for the true enthusiasts who take their adventure vans off the beaten path. Made of 3/4" Hex Ply for the most burly and indestructible cabinet ever built for a camper van. The exterior Phenolic Resin coating is specifically designed to take a beating and add a protective layer to the exterior that repels chemicals and moisture to keep your van cabinets in the best possible condition, no matter what type of environment you find yourself in. 

Create the optimal living space with a professional builder look with our Sprinter van-specific Squared Overhead Van Cabinet from Serg Supply. Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this versatile cabinet is a must-have addition for van enthusiasts, builders, and DIY enthusiasts.

When it comes to enhancing your van life and van conversion experience, there are compelling reasons why the Sprinter Stealth Overhead Van Cabinet stands out. Crafted with precision and designed with van enthusiasts, builders, and DIYers in mind, this overhead Sprinter van cabinet is a remarkable choice. Its large access door ensures effortless storage access, while the black compression latches guarantee a secure closure, even on the bumpiest roads. The modern square edge design with inset doors not only adds a touch of style but also ensures seamless integration into your van's interior. 

What sets this Sprinter cabinet apart is its adaptability, allowing flexible mounting options to meet your unique needs, from walls and ceiling panels to the overhead frame. With a custom fit for your vehicle make and model, these cabinets are built to last, boasting robust construction capable of holding up to 100lbs of storage per cabinet. Plus, the prefinished Maple and Bamboo options with a satin urethane seal bring an elegant finish to your mobile living space. For those looking to add functionality and aesthetics to their van conversion project, the Sprinter Squared Overhead Van Cabinet is the ultimate choice. It's a statement of quality, style, and practicality, making your van life journey more enjoyable and efficient. Choose Serg Supply for a product that truly elevates your van life experience.

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  • Lightweight: We know that weight is always a concern during van conversion, our STEALTH line of cabinetry is 30% lighter than our standard cabinets.
  • Large Access Door: Enjoy easy storage access with a spacious door that simplifies your on-the-road organization.
  • Secure Closure: The Sprinter Squared Overhead Van Cabinet is equipped with black compression latches, ensuring a firm and dependable closure, even during your most adventurous journeys.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Its square edge design with inset doors provides a contemporary and sleek appearance, seamlessly blending with your van's interior.
  • Flexible Mounting: These cabinets offer various mounting options, allowing you to attach them to walls, ceiling panels, headliners, or directly to the overhead frame (Rivet Nuts Recommended). Versatility at its best!
  • Custom Fit: The back curve of the cabinet is expertly cut to match your specific vehicle make and model, ensuring a perfect fit for your van conversion.
  • Lighting Ready: Please note that lights are not pre-wired to the ballast. You'll have the flexibility to wire them to your own ballast and central power system, putting you in control of your lighting setup.
  • Robust and Durable: These cabinets are built to withstand the rigors of the road and can hold heavy cargo without breaking. Each cabinet is designed to handle up to 100lbs of storage, ensuring your belongings stay secure during your van life adventures.


  • Stealth: All Ultralight Black Hex-Ply Assembly
  • Stealth + Maple: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Maple Doors
  • Stealth + Bamboo: Ultralight Black Hex Cabinet Shell with Prefinished Amber Bamboo Doors

Please refer to our materials page here to see images and details of each option: Materials


Length: 36" - 72" (Can be mounted side by side to cover the full length of any vehicle)
Depth: 14.5 Standard, 12" Low Profile
Height: 15.5" 
DIY Installation

Installation Difficulty: Medium | 2 people
Installation Time: 1 Hour
Tools Needed: Power Drill, Rivet Nut Tool, Screw Driver, Drill Bits


  • Will these cabinets perfectly fit my vehicle?
All overhead cabinets have a curved backing and curved top to fit the factory curvature of the vehicle. While this will fit most wall paneling/ceiling setups, minor modifications may be required to install these cabinets with builds utilizing furring strips.

It is strongly recommended that this cabinet is mounted using rivet nuts as specified by our Installation Guide.