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RoamRest Revel Van Mattress

Original price $1,300.00 - Original price $1,300.00
Original price
$1,300.00 - $1,300.00
Current price $1,300.00
Firmness: Medium Firm (Original)

The RoamRest Revel Mattress is an ideal choice for those seeking a perfect replacement for the original Winnebago Revel mattress, but with added thickness for enhanced performance and comfort, measuring a total of 5 inches. It offers two comfort levels to choose from:

  1. Medium-Firm: Comprising 4 layers, including 1 inch of soft confirming foam, 1 inch of cool gel memory foam, 1 inch of performance soft foam, and a 2-inch supportive base layer.

  2. Soft: Featuring 3 layers, with 2 inches of soft conforming foam, 2 inches of performance medium foam, and 1 inch of supportive base.

Moreover, the mattress comes with left and right extensions that snap into place, making it easy to raise and lower the bed platform without any hassle. The improved design allows for smooth adjustments without any obstructions from the bolsters. The mattress also features a detachable zipper design for exceptional versatility, as well as contoured corners for a perfect fit.

Crafted with water and abrasion-resistant soft polyester top fabric and low-slip nylon-coated side fabric, the RoamRest Revel Mattress ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. This mattress is specifically tailored to best fit Winnebago Revel Vans, offering an excellent solution for a comfortable and compatible sleeping experience.