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Rixen Mercedes Sprinter Heated Floor

by Rixen
Original price $3,231.00 - Original price $4,308.00
Original price
$3,231.00 - $4,308.00
Current price $3,231.00
Wheelbase: 144
Plumbing Exit: Rear Passenger Exit

Rixen's Mercedes Sprinter Heated Floor utilizes radiant floor heat, designed to warm the thermal mass-structure of your van, not just the air, thereby ensuring the heat you generate is retained more efficiently, decreasing the need to rely on the system for extended periods and therefore optimizing energy savings.

All floors are made to order and designed to fit your vehicle's specific make and model with 3 options for heated floor plumbing exits to accommodate your custom-build needs.

  • The system uses a ¾” fiberglass-reinforced closed cell foam to house the PEX piping and aluminum heat transfer plates. A ¼” overlay is placed on top to provide a smooth surface to accept your finish floor. This overlay is CNC mapped with the positioning of the PEX piping and the aluminum heat transfer plates. These slight engravings allow for builders and DIYers alike to make penetrations through the floor with confidence, mitigating a puncture through the PEX pipe.
  • The foam substrate used has the following beneficial properties:

    • Up to 60% the weight of plywood

    • High density to accept traditional fasteners

    • Dimensionally stable

    • 0 rot

    • 3 x more insulating than plywood, no need for additional insulation

    • Sound deadening properties, no need for additional butyl mat

  • All floors include:

    • CNC routed fiberglass-reinforced closed-cell foam sub structure. (The substrate is cut into segments that lock together with a dovetail to ensure correct fitment within specified tolerances).

    • CNC mapped wood overlay with slight engravings that show where the PEX and heat transfer plates lie beneath.

    • Aluminum heat transfer plates

    • PEX pipe

    • Adhesive

What you will need:

  • Hydronic Heater - Our hydronic heater kits come with control panels, a pump, a heat exchanger, a custom-welded aluminum expansion tank, an air handler, a floor heat kit and an optional engine preheat kit, as well as all required tubing and fittings. (Hydronic Systems Sold Separately)

Made-to-order items are non-returnable. 

Shipping is available to contiguous U.S. and Canada Only.