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Owl Vans Wheel Spacer 20mm Hub Centric (Set of 4)

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We don't make the cheapest parts, but we do work hard to make the right parts. Our hub-centric wheel spacers are machined from 6061 billet aluminum then anodized, then machined again.

Weight - Unsprung weight is the enemy of suspension. This is why we worked hard to remove every ounce of weight from these spacers while maintaining their strength. We did this by machining away the material between the lug holes. This allows us to save about half a pound per wheel spacer. 

Hub-Centric - The load of a wheel should be carried on the hub and not the lug bolts. Lug bolts are only designed to hold the wheel to the vehicle and not support the weight of the van. For this reason, we use a hub-centric design that allows that load to continue to be carried by the hub. This is the only type of wheel spacer we would ever recommend putting on a vehicle. 


  • Fits Sprinter 2007-Present
  • Set of (4) wheel spacers
  • Includes (24) wheel Studs and (24) lug nuts
  • Machined Aluminum 
  • Hard Black Anodizing
  • Hub-Centric Design
  • Weighing just 1.9lbs each
  • 20mm spacing
  • Studs fit most aftermarket wheels. Different length lugs may be required for steel
  • NOT compatible with factory Mercedes Aluminum/Alloy wheels.