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Owl Vans Starlink In-Motion Roof Mount

Original price $159.98 - Original price $199.98
Original price
$159.98 - $199.98
Current price $199.98
Mounting Kit: Magnetic

Starlink's In-Motion Dish has completely revolutionized off-grid connectivity. With access to high-speed internet not only anywhere on earth but while driving as well. While high-speed internet might not seem as necessary while driving, it can really help with mapping software or with not dropping calls. Simply enable wifi calling on your mobile phone and you will never drop calls again! 

Two Mounting Options:

Roof Rack - Mounting Starlink to your Sprinter, Storyteller, Revel, or Thor has just become a lot easier with the new Owl Starlink Mount. Our aluminum Starlink mount keeps the same angle as the factory mount but allows the dish to be easily mounted to the roof rack of most vans or even SUV's.

Magnetic - If you don't have a roof rack or you want to mount your dish to different vehicles, we also offer a magnetic option. These super strong Neodymium magnets with a soft rubberized coating (the same ones used in our Maxtrax mounts) will safely hold your Starlink to your roof. In addition to the super strong magnets, the factory angle of the dish is maintained so that the faster you drive the more the dish is pushed into the roof. (*Magnetic mount will not work on aluminum vehicles)


  • Laser cut from lightweight aluminum
  • Sold as a pair (magnets optional)
  • Includes new mounting hardware for dish and carriage bolts for Revel and STO roof racks
  • Multiple mounting holes to fit almost any application
  • Powder coated black
  • 29.5" long 16.5" wide