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Owl Vans Sprinter Horn Upgrade (Super Bass)

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A built-out adventure van can approach 10,000lbs. A vehicle of that size needs a horn that tells others on the road how big you are. That’s why we wanted to create a horn option with an unmistakably big sound!

Owl wasn't happy with the other aftermarket horn kits available so we did what we always do, we made it ourselves. We sourced super loud and super low horns from Japan (PIAA). These horns are literally called "Super Bass" by the manufacturer. They are hands down the best-sounding replacement option on the market. They are a 330Hz and 400Hz for a more full two-tone sound.

Plug-and-play - Our horn kit features an OEM Mercedes connector so installation is as easy as plugging it in!


  • Fits Sprinter VS30 2019-Present
  • PIAA Super Bass Horns - 330Hz & 400Hz (made in Japan)
  • Mounting Bracket (mounts to factory holes)
  • Owl Direct Connect wiring harness (plugs into the factory harness)