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Owl Vans Sprinter Headliner Shelf Padding Kit

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Sprinters can be loud. Not the van itself but all the gear that constantly bounces and rattles around. One of the most useful additions to your van is a headliner shelf, but these shelves are also made of metal, which makes them a big metal drum!

Owl designed a high-end closed-cell foam mat system with Seadek (marine boat decking) to soften, quiet, and save your head. This system is adhesive-backed and installs in minutes. The foam decking covers the. top of the shelf, the upturned lip at the rear (where you hit your head), and the bottom of the shelf (to keep things quiet. Not only does it stop the rattles, but it also adds soft materials to hard surfaces, quite the van in general.


  • Fits Revel 2020-2022
  • Fits Van Wife Shelf (it is also easy to trim, so it may work with other shelves)
  • Some 2023- 2025 AWD Revels have an LED light strip on the bottom of the shelf. You can easily trip this kit if you want to use it, but it does require minor modifications to fit
  • Three-piece Kit - Black
  • Seadek 6mm closed cell foam with traction pattern
  • Waterproof/spillproof adhesive 
  • Installs in minutes
  • Avoid Scratching
  • Quiet plea van
  • Stops items from sliding around
  • Padding saves your head from hitting it on the front or bottom of the shelf.