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Off Highway Van Limited Slip Differential

Original price $4,999.99 - Original price $5,179.99
Original price
$4,999.99 - $5,179.99
Current price $5,179.99
Genuine Mercedes Gear Oil? (x3): Yes

*Professional installation at Van Land's shop required. This item cannot ship.

Introducing the OHV Limited-Slip Differential for 2WD and 4x4 Mercedes Sprinters (2007 and newer). Make your van more capable in any condition, on or off-road at any speed without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

 This can save you from a slippery situation, and possibly eternal embarrassment from your ski buddies forever reminding you about that time you couldn't pull out of the resort parking lot.

 Different from rock-crawling applications that require more pure differential lockers, or require expensive air compressor setups to activate, the OHV Limited-Slip Differential is constantly working, and in a wider variety of situations. Whether you’re in technical overlanding situations, cruising on the highway, or traveling up snowy roads to the ski resort, you can rely on having ample traction, reliability, and ultimately more safety.

Slick surfaces can be a real pain, even for 4x4 vehicles. To achieve optimal traction control, limited-slip differentials transfer power to the wheel with the most traction when you need it. If you are planning on taking your custom van over any kind of demanding terrain, the OHV limited-slip differential is a must-have. 

  • Optimizes traction

  • Doesn't affect drivetrain durability

  • Doesn't affect fuel efficiency 

  • Available for 2007-2021 Sprinters

  • No extra maintenance required