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OBSIDIAN Series 25 Watt Trickle Charge Kit (Magnetic Mounts)

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The Zamp Solar OBSIDIAN® SERIES 25 Watt Trickle Charge Solar Panel Kit is rugged and weatherproof with an IP67 rated integrated solar charge controller. This solution is designed to ensure a properly maintained battery that will work better and last longer. Never get stuck with a dead battery due to parasitic draw in your RV, overland rig, van, dump trailer or other heavy equipment.

This solar trickle charger enables batteries to remain fully float charged at the optimum level which in turn ensures increased battery life. Properly maintained batteries work better and last longer. This is the perfect kit for keeping any type of battery ready. We believe operational failure is not an option.


Perfect for any vehicle, our OBSIDIAN® SERIES 25-Watt panel works with any type of 12-Volt battery. The panel is 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency.

Kit Includes (KIT1019):

  • One 25-watt OBSIDIAN SERIES Solar Panel

  • One 10 Foot ATP to ATP Cable Extension,

  • Pre-terminated Ring Terminal Adapter

  • Alligator Clip Adapter

  • One set of Obsidian Series Reversible Mounting Feet With NEW Magnetic Option.

  • 8-Amp Charge Controller: Weatherproof IP67 Rated

Tech Specs:
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Dimensions: 17.6” tall x 14.3” wide x .67” thin
Wattage: 25-Watt Power Output
Output: Generates 1.58 amps
Open Circuit Volage: 18.4 volts
Warranty: 25-Year output warranty