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Nomadic Innovations Awning A1

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$1,778.00 - $1,978.00
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Size: 10'

Crafted for adventurers and innovators, the Nomadic Awning is an essential tool in your exploration arsenal. This is not just an awning; it's a hallmark of reliability and versatility for your outdoor quests. Engineered to withstand diverse conditions, it combines practicality with a flair for style. Easy to install and simple to use, it seamlessly aligns with your nomadic lifestyle. Choose Nomadic and transform each moment of your journey into a comfortable, memorable experience. Wherever your adventures take you, the Nomadic Awning is your dependable partner, blending seamlessly into the great outdoors.

Command Your Expeditions, Your Way! Take the reins with absolute authority. The A1 Electric Awning can be commanded by the handheld remote. Stay in control, whether you’re scaling mountains or camping on the coast.

Embrace the challenge of the road head-on! The A1 Electric Awning is engineered to tackle the harshest conditions. Go ahead, push your limits!

The A1 is a testament to durability and resilience, backed by a 1-year warranty!




  • Nominal Case x Awning Ext: 13.1' x 8.2' or 9.8’ x 8.2’
  • Shade Surface (@ 12pm): 13' = 107.4ft / 10' = 80.7ft2
  • Mounting Plates: Wall (Flat Surface)
  • Mounting Plates (Coming Q4): Rack (Curved Surface)
  • Power: 12V DC (or 24V)
  • Motor: Worm-gear DC 12V (or 24V)
  • Hardware Material: Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • Hardware Finish: Electrostatic Liquid Paint
  • Tension Arms: Spring-loaded stainless steel chain
  • Locking Mechanism: Yes
  • Pitch Adjustment: 5° - 15°
  • Fabric Materials: 460gsm vinylic PVC fabric
  • UV Resistant: Yes/50+ (98% UV blockage)
  • Water Resistance (Grade V): 50kPa of hydrostatic pressure
  • SVHC (Hazardous Materials): Pass @ ≤0.1% (weight for weight)
  • Color Fastness (to Light, Rubbing): Grade 4-5 (highly resistant)
  • Anti-Fungal Growth Rating: 0 (None) @ (1.1x10^6)/mL
  • Light Strip: White COB LED
  • Motor Wire Gauge: 18AWG
  • Warranty: One (1) Year