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Legacy Black 380 Watt Deluxe Kit

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Current price $1,599.99


The Zamp Solar Legacy Black 380 Watt Solar Panel Deluxe Kit is the most popular complete system to keep your batteries charged up when off-grid. Increase the charging potential on your overland rig or RV. This complete kit is designed to be expanded up to two additional 190 Watt panels.

This Kit Includes:

2x Zamp Solar Legacy Black 190 Watt Solar Panels:

  • Weight: 24.25 lbs
  • Panel Dimensions: 58.3” x 26.4“ x 1.5”
  • Wattage Output: 190-Watt Power Output
  • Amp Output: 9.5 amps
  • Warranty: 25-Year output

Mounting Solution:

  • 2x Set of 4 Universal Reversible Mounting Feet Kit

Solar Panel Wiring:

  • 2x 10’ ATP to ATP Wiring Extension

60-Amp PWM Digital Charge Controller:

  • Safety Built In - will not overcharge the battery
  • Smart charging - 5-stage charger
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Surface mount, mounting screws included

    2-Port ATP Solar Roof Cap:

    • Plug any Zamp Solar panel directly into the cap
    • Easily expandable
    • Comes with mounting hardware and a gasket

    Complete Wiring Harness:

    • Pre-terminated for fast installation
    • 10ft Roof Cap to Charge Controller wire
    • 10ft Charge Controller to battery wire (fused)

    Legacy Black 190 Watt Solar Panel:

    Continuing the Legacy. Our tried and true, longest running product line – now upgraded for the ultimate performance at a price everyone can get behind.

    New features include an Anodized Black Legacy Series Frame, Low-Profile Junction Box for increased shade resistance, and a black solar back sheet to help absorb as much renewable solar energy as possible.

    Now, all Legacy Series Solar panels feature Plug & Play ATP Series Quick Connections to make integration and resistance to the elements better than ever.

    All Zamp Solar Panels are backed by a 25 Year output warranty, and Handcrafted in the USA. Installation is a breeze with our 360 degree Omni-Rail Quick Mounting System,

    Impact and weather resistant construction means you can go further and stay out longer. With a variety of sizes, there is Legacy Series Panel or Configuration of Panels that works on your set up.

    Perfectly designed for all mobile rooftop solar applications. Our Legacy Black Series 190-Watt panels are engineered to be compatible with all 12, 24, or 48 volt battery system. Experience a new spin on our traditional panel design with increased efficiency providing more output within a smaller footprint. This Made in the USA panel also features a sleek anodized black frame, bypass diodes for shade resistance, waterproof quick lock electrical connections and our 360 degree Omni-rail mounting system.

    Solar Panel Features:

    • Omni-Rail Quick Mounting System - Take the stress out of installation. Our quick mount system utilizes hardware channels engineered into extruded aluminum frames — these channels house T-nuts, which you can reposition to match any desired location along the rail. Once in place, our mounting feet can be attached using T-Nut and Lock Washer. 
    • Stormproof - Every component on our panels are built to withstand whatever mother nature throws your way. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail — you can trust that Zamp Solar Panels will stand up to the elements.
    • AR Coated Tempered Glass - The glass we use to seal our solar cells offers high light transmittance and low reflectivity to ensure you get the most of what the sun provides on any given day. 
    • POE Encapsulate - Protecting the solar cells directly affects the longevity of our products. We use POE Encapsulate, which offers improved thermo-mechanical properties, UV protection, corrosion prevention, Improved volume, heat, and humidity resistance, and higher volume resistivity.
    • Black Back sheet - Our black back sheets are designed to absorb the most solar energy while also significantly increasing the lifespan of the solar panel.
    • Reinforced Corners - Living comfortably outdoors means dealing with unforeseen bumps in the road. Thankfully, our panels are engineered to withstand rugged terrain. These corner protectors keep your frame safe and secure around the panel components.
    • Ultra-Low Profile Junction Box - PCB - Based Junction Box for higher efficiency & improved shade resistance.
    • ATP Quick Connect Plugs - Plug & Play. It's that simple. These ATP connections provide ample energy flow while protecting connections from the elements. In addition, all ATP plugs are weatherproof, and IP67 rated, preventing water damage even in inclement weather.

    Solar Panel Specs:

    • Weight: 24.25 lbs
    • Panel Dimensions: 58.3” x 26.4“ x 1.5”
    • Wattage Output: 190-Watt Power Output
    • Amp Output: 9.5 amps
    • Warranty: 25-Year output

    60 Amp 5-Stage PWM Charge Controller:

    The Zamp Solar 60-amp charge controller can regulate up to 1,020watts and is compatible with lithium, gel, AGM, Conventional lead-acid (wet), and calcium batteries.

    • Protects and Regulates: All our charge controllers use pulse width modulation (PWM) and five stages of charging to regulate the flow the electricity to your battery. This protects your battery from overcharging, expands your battery's lifespan, and keeps your panel safe from backflow electrical currents, among many other protections and benefits.
    • Monitors and Indicates: Its large digital display lets you monitor battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity (amps per hour), battery types, full charge, and system faults. Colored LEDs indicate operational status and battery conditions.
    • Remote Digital Display Included: Keep an eye on your batteries and power levels wherever it's most convenient for you with our remote digital display—included in purchasing this charge controller. It gives you all the same information as the charge controller and can be mounted anywhere inside your RV, boat, or cabin.
    • Flexible and Customizable: Our 60-amp charge controller can be surface-mounted on your wall or flush-mounted inside the wall. It is compatible with our battery temperature cable.