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Cruise N Comfort VES MAXX Air Conditioner

Original price $5,995.00 - Original price $6,295.00
Original price
$5,995.00 - $6,295.00
Current price $5,995.00
Voltage: 12v

When you need maximum cooling with maximum efficiency the VES MAXX Deluxe system is the answer. The MAXX is a 3 component system that utilizes 2 of our  variable speed DC Compressors set up in a tandem configuration. The MAXX evaporator allows the evaporator to be built into a cabinet or mounted on the ceiling. This system is ideal for large commercial applications and extreme climates.


Deluxe Features:

  • 6 large 4” rotatable vents with powder coated fascia for quieter and direct able air flow
  • Adjustable Compressor baseline for adjusting current consumption and BTU output
  • Always active Eco Mode
  • Included manual control with infinite variable speed blower control 
  • Thermostat ready for all of our optional thermostat options




Voltage Range 10-15 VDC

Current Consumption 75-95  AMPS @ 12 Volts VDC*

 18k BTU



Voltage Range 20-31 VDC

Current Consumption 50-65  AMPS @ 24 Volts VDC*

 19k BTU