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Cruise N Comfort VES ICEBOX Air Conditioner

Original price $4,995.00 - Original price $5,995.00
Original price
$4,995.00 - $5,995.00
Current price $4,995.00
Voltage: 12v

The VES ICEBOX is a nice mix between the HD series and the VES series. It has the features of the HD series but is a small multi piece system that allows for installation in tight spaces.The ICEBOX is similar to the VES DELUXE and VES SFP but uses a box type condenser that has brackets that can be moved to the top to ceiling mount or the bottom for cabinet or floor mount. The ICEBOX has a blower that can be rotated in almost any direction even out of the bottom to exit the bottom of a high cabinet. If mounting in a cabinet the door can be opened only when using or a return air grill can be put in the bottom or side. Because this evaporator can be mounted high running vent tubes is a lot easier and the air flow more powerful. If space is too tight the blower can be removed from evaporator with the remote blower kit but keep them within 4 feet. When remoting the blower the air flow and BTU's can be reduced.  The unit can also be mounted low in a cabinet but because of the 2 piece design it can fit into places the HD cannot. See all the features below and see if the Deluxe is right for you. Refrigerant hose kits are available in the upgrades section. 

* Refrigerant lines sold separately. Custom lengths or pre sized kits are available.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage Operating Range:




Current Consumption:

  • VES ICEBOX12L  38-55 AMPS DC

  • VES ICEBOX 24L 25-33 AMPS DC

  • VES ICEBOX48L   8-16 AMPS DC

Cooling Capacity:

  • VES ICEBOX 12L  10,000 BTU 

  • VES ICEBOX 24L 11,000 BTU 

  • VES ICEBOX 48L 12,000 BTU 

Weight :

  • Evaporator 17.8 lbs

  • Compressor Box 30.5 lbs

  • Single fan condenser 7.75 lbs

*Thermostat upgrades sold separately.