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Cruise N Comfort HD/VES 12 Volt System Condenser Dual Fan

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Choose this option to upgrade your VES 12L or s or HD 12L or s system to a Dual Fan / Heavy Duty Condenser. Great for warm climates or excessive heat locations when mounted under vehicle.  This is the largest Remote condenser we offer. This condenser has a aluminum shroud and two 12" electric fans with curved blades. The Shroud and fans are mounted to the condenser with stainless steel screws for longevity and durability.

The condenser CANNOT be mounted completely flat, it has to be on a slight angle so the small fitting #6 is lower than the large fitting #8.


Condenser core size: 14" x 25"
Overall condenser size: 14-1/2" tall x 27" wide
Overall thickness: 3-1/8"
Fan CFM (per fan): 950 CFM
Total CFM: 1900 CFM (both fans mounted on condenser w/ shroud)
Amps: NOMINAL 12.5 amp draw

This type of remote condenser should not be used in front of the radiator. The shroud will block airflow from passing through the radiator causing condensing and/or overheating problems. If you need to mount it in front of the radiator we can ship it without the shroud.

*This unit comes standard with the HD-24L and s also with the VES-24L and s.