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Reaction to Syncline by Outside Vans

Reaction to Syncline by Outside Vans


In this video, Jeremy reacts to the all-new flagship sprinter conversion from Outside Vans. For decades, Outside Van® has been pushing the envelope for what it means to be an Adventure Van.

They’ve taken what they learned building custom vans and condensed that knowledge into an Adventure Van that is mass-produced while still maintains the quality and serviceability standards that have defined what makes Outside Van® unique.

Jeremy dives into the pre-release photos and uncovers the features of the 144” All-Wheel-Drive chassis and determines the Syncline ideal for the adventurous-at-heart looking for a unique and capable platform to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Outside Van has developed a new layout that not only packs in the features needed for a premium experience, but also is adaptable for any adventure-based lifestyle.

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