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Van Compass Stage 6.3 Dually 2" Lift System - Sprinter 4x4 (2019-2022 3500)

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Shock Tune: Light / Mid Under 9000lbs

Few upgrades are as critical to a vehicle as a tuned suspension package. Adventure in comfort and confidence with a Van Compass system tuned for your van and needs. The Stage 6.3 Dually system combines our proven Striker lift kit, the  innovative Opti-Rate Replacement Leaf spring, industry leading Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust shocks and a front Sumo Spring bump stop upgrade into a complete package to build the Ultimate Dually Sprinter van. This system is the perfect kit for those who want maximum ground clearance and who see only see excitement where others see the pavement end. This system nets 2" of lift while eliminating un-controlled swaying, reducing harsh bottom out, and maximizing off-road capability.

Our proven Striker 4x4 lift kit includes everything needed, front and rear, to net 2" of lift height while maintaining factory suspension geometry angles. Every detail has been considered and the complete kit ensures that the struts and shocks operate in their intended travel zones, the sway bars and brake lines are in proper operating ranges, and everything is relocated correctly. The result is a van with increased approach, departure and breakover angles for increase off-road performance without compromise to on-road handling.

The Opti-Rate replacement leaf springs use a tunable preload system to change the spring rate that allows users to more closely dial in ride height and spring rate to their liking. Its clever design requires minimal tools to change rate once the springs are installed, and is designed to work on vehicles that spend their time at or well over GVWR. 

Our Stage 6.3 Dually system retains the factory suspension geometry and transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control, both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and the payoff is increased performance over any terrain while also improving handling for unexpected emergencies.

Falcon's 3.3 Fast Adjust Piggyback Reservoir Shocks represent the perfect pairing to our Opti-Rate Springs. Built specifically to our tune specifications, they represent the culmination of years of accumulated knowledge, applied directly to the adventure van market. These shocks have a MASSIVE range of compression adjustment at the simple flip of a knob. We've put the large red knob in an easy to reach location that allows for easy access and quick confirmation of the settings. The rear shocks also include the SP2 adjustment, which allows for further refinement specific to your preferences and vehicle's weight; with a simple turn of the shaft one of 2 tune profiles is engaged during installation. For more info on the functions of these shocks, you can read our 3.3 shock settings guide.