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Van Compass Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Inverted Rally Strut - Sprinter 2WD 2007-Present

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The pinnacle of suspension performance is being shifted to a new apex with our new inverted front struts, co-developed with Falcon. Not content with the mediocre performance, lack of tuning ability, and hit or miss service life of existing strut options, we looked outside our space to the world of motorsports for inspiration on how to solve this complex problem. Our all new, inverted damper strut is designed exactly to our fitment and tuning specifications and produced from aerospace grade materials. Inverted dampers flip the idea of the conventional strut upside down, and use the damper body as the upper strut shaft, while the load bearing unit contained in a massive lower housing that connects to the steering knuckle. This is the same application of technologies you will find on Dakar and World Rally Championship cars, which see some of the harshest driving conditions imaginable.

Major Benefits:

  • Significantly increased load bearing surface area for long service life
  • Damper shaft and seal surfaces are protected inside lower housing
  • Much larger damping piston vs OEM
  • Greater clamping force for alignment specs

Due to the strut's ideal position near the wheel, we are able to maximumize the effectiveness of the 3.3 Fast Adjust cartridge. The result is a truly phenomenal increase in damping performance, which translates to more stable and predictable handling, greater control across all conditions, and the ability to actually use the suspension to its full potential on and off road.

Our proprietary 'Rate Cup' retains the OEM upper strut bushing for ease of installation and retention of OEM NVH characteristics. The patent pending Rate Cup preloads the bushing for tighter road feel, while dispersing the damping forces over the entire surface area of the bushing to prevent annoying clunks and premature bushing wear common with competing solutions.

These struts are designed as a direct OEM replacement for any van, from stock passenger vans, luxury coaches and Class C RV's, to heavily modified adventure vans. They are compatible with stock height vans, and vans equipped with our Striker lift kits.

For a more in-depth look at the technology, design, development and testing, check out our blog post here!