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Terra X SLAMSTOP - 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter

by Terra X
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Are you tired of your rear doors slamming closed on you? Introducing the SlamStop, a rear door stabilizer engineered exclusively for the Mercedes Sprinter van. The SlamStop is designed to hold your rear doors open at 90 degrees utilizing the factory mounting points.

The SlamStop was created from our road-tested experiences. Use it to enjoy those breathtaking views or expedite load-ins and outs on your next adventure!

Safety and common sense must be considered when using the SlamStop. The SlamStop is intelligently designed to enhance your experience, but it comes with guidelines to ensure responsible usage. The SlamStop is engineered to complement the weight of the factory doors. Any additional weight added to the door may compromise its structural integrity and affect the stabilizer's performance. We encourage our users to prioritize safety to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of the SlamStop. We strongly advise against using SlamStop as a support tool in extreme windy conditions. For optimal stability and performance, we recommend steering clear of wind speeds exceeding 18 miles per hour. Your safety is our priority, and using SlamStop within this threshold ensures a secure and reliable experience.

Elevate your van experience responsibly, confidently, and with the assurance that the SlamStop has your back – and your doors – covered. Upgrade your Sprinter adventure today!

**Fits 2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Van high roof vans**

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any rear door trim that obstructs the upper latch area, modification to the trim may be required to install the SLAMSTOP. This applies to Winnebago Revel 2019+ and Crew Vans with full rear door trim.


Extended: 42" L
Collapsed: 24" L

(2) Door Mounting Brackets
(2) Slam Stop Assemblies
(1) Storage Bag

Installation Instructions