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Terrawagen Snorkel Kit Sprinter 907

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It's here and ready to ship!

Designed using factory Mercedes-Benz CAD, this snorkel will fit and function as intended. By placing the intake high and using our Prefilter, you will help to keep your engine's air filter dust free.         ( Pre-filter sold separately )

Find the Pre filter here:  PRE-FILTER

A little information about Snorkels:  Many people believe that a snorkel on a vehicle is for fording deep water. Incorrect, the snorkel is for clean air up high.  By moving the intake above, the dust level is decreased. If you add a prefilter, the dust is ejected before it has a chance to reach your engine, keeping your air filter clean.

The kit includes:  a snorkel, a forward facing intake w/ screen, stainless hardware, template,  silicone intake and instructions.  A 4" hole needs to be cut into the left front fender.

Our snorkel is designed for maximum flow without restriction.  Intake connectors are 3.5" silicone hose, no tight bends means greater flow.