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Slider Door Storage Cubbie

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Three pocket storage cubbie for Highroof NCV3 and VS30 Sprinters.  Pockets are about 2" deep and have a big bottom lip to keep wallets, sunscreen, books, keys, whatever, in place when you slam the slider door shut.  Made in California out of ABS plastic.   It's even made from 80% recycled ABS. Haircell texture on the outside - smooth inside the pocket.  Includes plastic rivets to mount into factory holes.


  • Remove stock upper door panel by any means, panel removal tool, or my cheater method of a library card, or any thin plastic, to protect the paint and gently pry the panel away with a thin standard screwdriver or stiff putty knife. Try and do this as close to the factory attachment points – you’ll see those once you start to pull the panel away.  If you’re going to install sound and/thermal insulation behind the panel…. this would be a good time to do that.
  • Next pull the two-piece rivets apart.  Put the larger 'female' part in first through the plastic panel - into the factory mounting hole.  Then insert the smaller 'male' part into the center of the female part (kids, no giggling).  This will expand the rivet behind the factory mounting hole.  Nice secure fit.