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RoamRest Flatline Foldable Van Mattress

Original price $890.00 - Original price $890.00
Original price
$890.00 - $890.00
Current price $890.00
Size: Sprinter Tri-Fold Long 74x67x5
Firmness: Medium Firm (Original)

Looking for a new mattress to fit your Flatline Van Co. platform? Look no further! RoamRest offers the most common sizes for ProMaster, Sprinter (short & long), and Transit Camper Vans. Our mattresses come with the following features:

  1. 5” thick high-performance, low-profile foam mattress available in 2 options:

    • Medium-Firm: Consisting of 4 layers, including 1” soft confirming foam, 1” cool gel memory foam, 1” performance soft foam, and 2” supportive base layer.
    • Soft: Comprising 3 layers, featuring 2” soft conforming foam, 2” performance medium foam, and 1” supportive base.
  2. Detachable zipper design for extreme versatility.

  3. Contoured corners for a perfect fit in most van models and bed platforms – just choose the correct sizing.

  4. Water and abrasion-resistant soft polyester top fabric and low-slip nylon-coated side fabric for easy cleaning.

But that's not all! Maximize the size and coziness of any sleeping space with our NEW RoamRest Flare Inserts!

Our top-of-the-line mattresses deliver superior comfort, reliable durability, and quality sleep, outperforming other van mattress providers. Sleep soundly and comfortably on the road with RoamRest!