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RoamRest Ultimate Tri-Fold Mattress

Original price $890.00 - Original price $890.00
Original price
$890.00 - $890.00
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Size: 75x65x5
Firmness: Medium Firm (Original)


Both the Roam Rest Ultimate Tri-Fold and Bi-Fold Mattresses are ideal for fitting into various camper van models and bed platforms on the market. Their dual-hinged tri-fold and singly-hinged bi-fold designs, along with detachable sections, make them extremely versatile and convenient to store when not in use.
  • 5” thick high performance/ low profile foam mattress, available in 2 options:
    • Medium-Firm: 4-layers include 1” soft conforming foam, 1” cool gel memory foam, 1” performance soft foam and 2” supportive base later
    • Soft: 3-layers include 2” soft conforming foam, 2” performance medium foam, 1” supportive base
  • Detachable zipper design for extreme versatility
  • Contoured corners for a perfect fit in most van models and bed platforms – select your correct sizing
  • Water and abrasion resistant soft polyester top fabric and low-slip nylon coated side fabric for easy cleaning


The RoamRest Ultimate Tri-Fold Mattress is compatible with various platform bed systems, such as Sprinter Vans, Adventure Van, Flatline Van Co., RB Components, and Van Wife.
Make sure to refer to the provided drawings to ensure you select the appropriate design and size for your specific needs.