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Rivern PYURIFI UV Water Filtration System: Effortless Clean Water for Adventures

by Rivern
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Looking for an effortless solution to filter water during your outdoor adventures? Look no further than Pyurifi! With our cutting-edge technology, you can safely refill your water reserves from almost any source. Our top-notch bacterial, cyst, and virus removal technology, along with a carbon filter, ensures that your water is not only safe but also tastes great.


Pyurifi is a battery-powered electric water filter that includes a UV water sanitizer and purifier, making it perfect for river rafting expeditions, overland camping, and van camping. It's compact, weighing less than 5 lbs, and as small as a lunchbox, so you can take it wherever you go. Plus, with a 99.99%+ reduction rate, it's the ultimate solution for those who want to stay hydrated while enjoying the great outdoors.


Here are some technical details about Pyurifi:

  • Weighs less than 5 lbs

  • Makes 1 Liter per minute and produces 40 gallons of water on a single charge

  • Electric water filter with UV water sanitizer and purifier

  • Top-notch bacterial, cyst, and virus removal technology with carbon filter

  • Compact and portable, perfect for river rafting expeditions, overland camping, and van camping

  • Reduction rates of 99.9999% for bacteria, 99.99+% for cysts and viruses

Don't let water filtration hold you back during your next outdoor adventure. With Pyurifi, you'll have access to clean and safe drinking water no matter where you are. And with the ability to produce up to 40 gallons of safe drinking water on a single charge, you won't have to worry about running out.


Invest in Pyurifi today and enjoy the freedom to explore the great outdoors with ease. Whether you're looking for a water filter system for your river rafting expedition, overland camping trip, or van camping adventure, Pyurifi has you covered. Say goodbye to hand-operated filters and hello to effortless water production. Try Pyurifi today and see the difference for yourself.

  • Spec's

    • 1 liter per minute/15 gallons per hour.
    • Ultra Filtration Membrane and UV Treatment!
    • Activated Carbon filter.
    • 99.9999% Bacterial Reduction
    • 99.99% Cyst Reduction
    • 99.99% Virus Reduction
    • Enclosed 12vdc battery or external power source (Not Included.)
    • Includes 120vac charging adapter.