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Rear Mini Spring Pack for Sprinter 2500 2WD (1994+)

Original price $677.99 - Original price $677.99
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$677.99 - $677.99
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Configuration: 3-LEAF 1.25" LIFT SAG CORRECTION

As a vehicle approaches its GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), the rear suspension will naturally begin to sag and ride quality will begin to suffer. Our Sprinter multi leaf spring pack installs under the factory leaf springs to correct sagging and lost wheel travel in the rear of a built up van. The increase in spring rate gained by this leaf pack along with the additional clearance between the bumpstop and axle will reduce the chances of bottoming out and enhance vehicle stability, ride comfort and restore the factory look of the van. This product is designed to improve ride and handling while at or near GVWR, however we do not recommend exceeding the manufacturer's GVWR.

Our mini spring pack can be installed one of 2 ways: 3-leaf Sag Correction or the 5-leaf for 2" of total lift. In the 3-leaf configuration, the factory suspension geometry is still preserved and functions well to restore lost ride height on heavy vans. Our 5-leaf pack is perfect way to eliminate the lift block and add spring rate at the same time to one of our rear lift kits. The Striker or Scout rear lift kit is required for proper suspension geometry and cycling range in the 2" lift configuration.

*ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 2WD VANS THAT HAVE A FACTORY 2 LEAF SPRING PACK. Not compatible with the factory 'mono leaf' or the 3500 spring pack with a third 'overload' spring.