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Owl Vans Bike Carrier + Box Mount for Sprinter Vans NCV3 (2007-2018)

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*Owl Vans is currently experiencing delays, please allow 8-12 weeks for items to ship. 

Introducing our new tubular aluminum bike mount. Designed to allow you to carry your bikes and critical gear in one easy to use, easy to install carrier system.

Owl’s Sprinter Bike Carrier Product Details

Owl Vs. Bumper-Mounted Bike Carrier - The majority of Sprinter Van bike carriers on the market today are trailer hitch mounted carriers. These must be swung out of the way to open the read Sprinter doors. The Owl carrier lets you open the doors normally for fast and easy access to the rear of your Sprinter. 

Simplicity and Weight – Owl’s Bike Aluminum Sprinter Bike Carrier is just over 20 lbs. By eliminating a massive bumper, you eliminate a lot of bulk and weight.

Price - While we are not a budget product, the cost of just a bike carrier is always going to be substantially less than the cost of a bumper AND a bike combo. Less weight and less cost.


The Owl Bike Carrier is the first structurally mounted carrier to open with the Sprinter van door. Many long hours of engineering went into making our carriers dead simple to use. Our key innovation was the use of a patent-pending, double articulating sway link on the door (where the magnetic catch used to be). This link allows the carrier to open with the door while also moving semi-independently, thus you don’t have to unlatch the carrier to open the door! In the end, you don’t have to understand it to love it

The last thing you want to do is limit the abilities of your Sprinter 4x4 by adding a huge bumper. Owl Carriers maintain the factory departure angle while almost all bumper mounts will decrease it substantially. When a bumper hangs low off the back of the vehicle it limits the grade a 4x4 can go up or down.


We use huge 2” aluminum tubing to achieve lightweight and strength. Coming in at just over 20 lbs, our carriers are incredibly lightweight while also offering superior durability.


Owl carrier open with the door, it’s that simple. With bumper mounted carriers, first you unlatch the carrier, then swing the carrier out of the way, then lock the carrier open, then finally you open the door.