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OFF IndelB EL65 Elite 65-liter Upright Refrigerator Stainless Steel Look

by IndelB
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Discover the Elite 65 by OFF IndelB, a sleek and stylish compressor refrigerator designed for life on the road. With a generous 65L gross volume, it's the perfect choice for travelers who demand both form and function.

The Elite 65's sleek stainless steel door and space-saving handle will elevate the aesthetics of your camper while ensuring your essentials are cool and fresh.


Upgrade your camper with the Elite 65 by OFF IndelB, a stylishly refined compressor refrigerator suitable for built-in installations. This mid-sized marvel offers a 65-liter gross volume with a compact footprint, making it a great choice for campers of all sizes.

Whatever your style, weekend wanderer or full-time traveler, the Elite 65 combines efficiency and style for an unbeatable camping experience.


The Elite 65 is all about being versatile. With movable shelves and supplied accessories, you can configure the interior to suit your needs, accommodating a wide range of container shapes and sizes.

Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to fit oddly shaped items into your fridge. With the Elite 65, storage problems are a thing of the past.


OFF IndelB recognizes the importance of energy efficiency in campers. That's why the Elite 65 is equipped with a high-energy efficiency SECOP compressor, guaranteeing your fridge performs comparably to domestic refrigerators while consuming minimal power.

Keep your food and drinks cool without draining your camper's battery. Enjoy longer trips without worrying about power limitations.


In the world of campers, each inch of space matters. The OFF Indel B Elite 65's minimalistic flush-mounted door handle not only adds a touch of style with its stainless steel effect but also saves valuable space in your cabinets.

OFF brand was launched in 2020 and since then has offered exceptional aesthetics and practicality. With the OFF Indel B Elite 65, you can have a beautiful and functional camper without compromising precious space.

Gross volume: 17.1 lb (65 l)
Voltage: DC 12/24V
Power: 60 Watt
Dimensions (H x W x D): 21 x 17.7 x 20.3 in (535 x 450 x 518 mm)
Weight: 38.5 lb + 5.2 lb pack (17,5 Kg + 2,4 Kg pack)