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$2,799.90 - $3,099.90
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External Regulator: Balmar

Mercedes Sprinter Van Dual Alternator Kit with 24 Volt 150 Amp Alternator for Lithium Battery

Fits Years 2007-UP

Nations Alternator is always striving to bring new innovation to the aftermarket industry. After doing a ton of research and development, we are happy to talk about our new 24V, 150-amp high output alternator. The Nations 24V high output alternator is built off of ZERO aftermarket Chinese components. Instead, we're using 100% brand new OEM components along a custom in-house CNC machined billet aluminum drive end frame. The biggest advantage of this alternator is its ability to produce a extremely impressive power curve. We have rigorously tested this 24V alternator and saw over 90 amps at 28 volts at idle at operating temperatures. It is designed specifically for our custom engineered dual alternators systems and programmed with the Balmar regulator to Lithium battery system parameters monitoring alternator temperature for maximum reliability.

What does your dual alternator kit come with?

  • Complete Dual Alternator mounting bracket and parts with complete Installation Instructions
  • 24 Volt 150 Amp High Output Alternator
  • Highest Quality Parts
  • Runs Alternator with approved Mercedes Benz parts
  • Your choice of a MC-624 Balmar External Regulator or Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator for Lithium Battery Use

Why run dual alternators?

What if you had a separate charging system dedicated to the additional accessory load? By running dual alternators you can do just such a thing, and doing so leaves the factory charging system intact doing what it was intended to do, running the vehicle while the secondary alternator carries the additional accessory load. By effectively doubling the available amperage of the vehicle, you can run more accessories with less worry, and all for about the same cost as a single high quality High Output alternator.

We are very proud to say, this dual alternator kit is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA!

The Technology

Our 24 Volt 150 Amp series high-output alternators are the ultimate upgrade when you need the absolute biggest and most sophisticated high output alternator on the planet. All of our alternators are designed for one purpose, brute force idle output. When you need the most extreme idle output with the most sophisticated integrated alternator-monitoring system to prevent thermal failures is where the Nations alternator delivers. Every Nations product we sell is held to the strictest quality standards in the industry. We only use 100% brand new USA made components along with one of the most rigorous testing before each individual alternator leaves our shop.

*We highly recommend adding this 400a Fuse when installing a secondary alternator. Buy Here