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Mercedes Sprinter Dual Alternator 12 Volt 280 AMP Kit (2007-2020 3.0L DIESEL)

Original price $2,249.99 - Original price $2,849.00
Original price
$2,249.99 - $2,849.00
Current price $2,349.99
Battery Type: Lithium
Belt: 2 Belt
External Regulator: Balmar External Regulator

 When you need more output than the factory alternator or a single High Output Alternator can handle or want the safety and security of a secondary alternator, a Nations dual alternator bracket is the perfect solution. This kit fits 2007-UP Mercedes Benz Sprinters with a 3.0L 6 Cylinder Engine.

Our Dual Alternator brackets are precision CNC waterjet cut from solid 3/8" STEEL plate. Then we coat them with a super durable powder-coat finish so they stay looking and working great! With our dual alternator kit, the mounting plate is securely fashioned to the engine with 4, 10MM grade 12.9 bolts which make installation very simple and secure.

Why run dual alternators?

What if you had a separate charging system dedicated to the additional accessory load? By running dual alternators you can do just such a thing, and doing so leaves the factory charging system intact doing what it was intended to do, running the vehicle while the secondary alternator carries the additional accessory load. By effectively doubling the available amperage of the vehicle, you can run more accessories with less worry, and all for about the same cost as a single high-quality High Output alternator.

2 Belt Kits comes complete with mounting bracket & highest quality parts to run auxiliary alternator independently. Easier install than 3 belt kits. 

*T55 Torx Belt Tensioner Adjuster required for 2 belt alternator install, order here. 

3 Belt kit Benefits include belt redundancy, a larger crank pulley for faster idle speed & more output, heavy-duty tensioner. The kit comes complete with a mounting bracket & the highest quality parts to run the auxiliary alternator independently. 3 belt kits lead to better overall wear of the alternator components. 

*Flywheel locking tool and Nitrocat Air Impact with Socket required for installation.

We are very proud to say, this dual alternator kit is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA!

*We highly recommend adding this 400a Fuse when installing a secondary alternator. Buy Here