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Liqui Moly Active-2C A/C System Cleaner (Shop Use Only!)

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A special Liqui Moly developed cleaning fluid consisting of 2 components that are mixed together for activation immediately before use. The mixture is used to clean and eliminate unpleasant odors from air conditioning systems in cars, commercial vehicles, buses or homes without the need for dismantling. After completed cleaning it leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance. For best results use only with Liqui Moly Air-Conditioner System Cleaner Gun (part no. 4090). For professional use only.

Suitable for cleaning of air conditioning systems in cars, commercial vehicles, buses and in homes.


Before use remove 2 pouches from side of 5 liter container and add content inside the reservoir supplied with Air-Conditioner System Cleaner Gun (part no. 4090). Now top up with 1 Liter A/C System Cleaner. The activated A/C System cleaning fluid is now ready to be sprayed directly onto the surface of the evaporator with the flexible spray probe. Use 1 Liter of cleaning fluid per application.


Please observe the application instructions of the device or vehicle manufacturer. If there are no model-specific instructions from the manufacturer, you can find application instructions for different vehicle types at AC-System instructions: LIQUI MOLY (


Apply only in well ventilated areas. For optimal results and a lasting effect it is recommended to redo the cleaning treatment at least every 12 months. Always replace cabin filter when servicing.