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IndelB OFF 12V Air Conditioner

by IndelB
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$2,995.00 - $2,995.00
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Plein-Aircon is the 12V air conditioner for campervan and semi-integrated which powers on a back-up battery, without installing inverters or generators.  It cools and dehumidifies camper, van, and motorhome up to 6 meters without needing to connect to 220V energy sources or backup generators.




Technical Specs:

Compressor- 12V Samsung

Input Voltage- 12V DC 

Refrigerant Gas- R134A

Cooling Capacity-1200 Watt (max)

Power Consumption 12V- 16 amp/h (auto), 42 amp/h (max)

Dimensions roof cut out 400mm x 400mm

Roof Thickness- 30-70 mm

Weight- 25.3 Kg

Number Air Vents- 2 (front/rear)