Incline Engine Heat Transfer Water Heater (4.2 Gallons) Van Land

Incline Engine Heat Transfer Water Heater (4.2 Gallons)

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The ultimate water heater for mobile living- every Sprinter van should have one! The Incline Heat Transfer Water Heater uses excess heat from the engine to rapidly heat a 4.2 gallon insulated fresh water tank. Now you can have piping hot water every time you start the engine!

Inside the insulated tank, the heated water will stay hot for up to 12 hours. If you’re stationary for longer than that, the 12 volt heating element will keep your water up to temperature indefinitely without the need for a power inverter. Simply connect the heater directly to your batteries and set the desired minimum temperature- simple as that. 

This durable unit was designed to mount neatly under the passenger sliding door of a Sprinter van and comes with the necessary mounting straps to quickly install the water heater with minimal fuss. Made of 3/16 thick aluminum, the main heater core is nearly indestructible, won’t rust and is designed to take a hit from rocks and/or sticks without failing.