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Incline Engine Heat Transfer Water Heater (4.2 Gallons)

by Incline
Original price $1,879.00 - Original price $2,499.00
Original price
$1,879.00 - $2,499.00
Current price $1,879.00
Sprinter Install Kit: Heater Only
Heating Element: None

This is the ultimate water heater for mobile living- every Sprinter van should have one!

The Incline Heat Transfer Water Heater uses excess heat from the engine to rapidly heat and maintain 4.2 gallons of water, providing hot water every time you start the engine and reducing the amount of power you need to heater water by 95%. 

Inside the insulated tank, the heated water will stay hot for ~12 hours. If you’re stationary for longer than that, the electric heating element will keep your water up to temperature indefinitely. Simply connect the heater to your power system and set the desired minimum temperature. 

This durable unit was designed to mount neatly under the passenger sliding door or on the driver's side of a Sprinter van next to the fuel tank. The optional install kit comes with the necessary mounting straps and hoses to quickly install the water heater with minimal fuss. Made of 3/16 thick aluminum, the main heater core is nearly indestructible, won’t rust and is designed to take a hit from rocks and sticks without failing. 

Heater Dimensions:

34" Long x 10" Wide x 6" Tall
Overall length with fittings: 40"


4.2 gallons

The optional Sprinter install kit includes:

  • Mounting brackets and hardware for Sprinter 2007 to current model year.
  • Expansion tank for hot water line.
  • Heater hose, hose clamps, elbows and hose mounting brackets.
  • Mercedes-Benz approved engine anti-freeze/coolant.

Optional Heating Element:

The Incline Water Heater is designed to eliminate the need to use electricity or other fuel to heat water. With the heater installed, you can expect to have free hot water on demand 95% of the time.

However, we do offer an optional heating element in case you plan to have your van parked for multiple days without running the engine and you want hot water the entire time. You can add the 110v heating element to your order if you want the option to heat your water with electricity. This will heat the entire water tank in a few minutes, but does require a connection to your AC power inverter. 

Freeze Protection:

The optional heating is adjustable from 50-190 deg. F. When parking for extended periods of time in freezing conditions, either keep the heating element set to low to prevent freezing or drain the tank so there's no risk of freezing, which is recommended for your entire water system. 

Pressure Rating:

Maximum pressure is 75 psi. Pressure pumps should be limited to less than 50 psi so that the heating of the water does not cause excessive internal pressure. Damage due to over-pressuring is not included under the warranty.