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DIYvan Interior Backing Frame for Vent Installation

by DIYvan
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Thickness: 1/2"
A frame that is used on the inside of the roof with our patent-pending outside vent adapters for a 14" x 14" hole. This frame will not work in the rear-most roof panel in the Ford Transit 148WB regular length. We have shorter strips for that application,

Provides material for screws to engage as they penetrate the roof metal. Made from expanded PVC so will not rot, mold or absorb moisture which is typically found around the vent. 14" x 14" inside opening and 16.75" x 16.75" outside dimensions. Available in two thicknesses. 1/2" and 3/4". 1/2" thickness is more flexible and will bend to fit the curvature of the roof if needed. 3/4" thickness is more rigid so will need a thicker bead of adhesive to make full contact with the interior roof surface. Multiple frames can be stacked to make up the difference between skin and headliner. Also, see our framing strips if more space between the inside of the roof and headliner needs to be filled.

These frames are not contoured to the ribs, they are flat.

Instructions for use: bond this frame to the inside of the roof skin with 3M Windoweld(TM) or equivalent adhesive. Use thick (1/2 - 3/4 inch) bead of adhesive to make up space between the inside of roof and frame so it is level on the bottom Let cure and then install a vent. Can be used to help clamp our vent adapters to the outside and then later installed on inside as a backing frame.

The Interior Backing frame is not to be used together with the framing strips that we offer on other listings.

Construction and method of assembly are patent pending.