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Arctic Tern Windows

Original price $509.00 - Original price $1,020.00
Original price
$509.00 - $1,020.00
Current price $509.99
Size: 300x500/11.81"x19.69"
Wall Thickness: 24-34mm / 15/16" - 1 3/8"

Tern Overland is proud to introduce our Arctic Tern windows.  These windows exude quality in every aspect and are designed to meet the needs of serious travelers and overlanders.

Unlike slider windows, these units allow the full size of the window to be open for maximum ventilation.  They feature double pane acrylic glazing that are made in Europe and meet strict European ECE standards and are DOT certified.

These windows can be set at 10 and 35 degrees open for the 300mm size, and 20, 40, and 60 degrees for all of the other sizes.  These windows also feature a semi-lock position that allows air in during stormy conditions.

A separate interior cover panel contains the retractable fine mesh insect screen on the top, and a blackout blind with reflective exterior on the bottom.  These can be used separately or together for infinite combinations of privacy and air.  The blind also creates a second dead air space for maximum thermal efficiency in very cold conditions. 

Even with all these features, these windows weigh barely 60% of a similarly sized glass window.  Lastly, some of these windows can serve as an emergency exit.

We also offer a 500mm x 700mm roof hatch with similar blinds, screens, and built in LED lighting.

Arctic Tern windows come complete with the blind and screen assembly.

Windows are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials.  

Take a look at these additional features:

  • Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frame

  • UV resistant, double pane, gray acrylic glazing

  • Telescopic strut supports hold window securely when open

  • Push button locking handles

  • High quality rubber seals

  • 10 window sizes to choose from

  • 4 choices of inner frame rings to accommodate 1" - 3" wall thicknesses

  • Easy installation

  • Full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Four Wall thicknesses are available for all windows:

  • 24-34mm / 15/16" - 1 3/8" = $0.00

  • 35-44mm / 1 3/8" - 1 3/4" = $0.00

  • 45–54mm / 1 3/4" - 2 1/8" = $0.00

  • 64-74mm /  2 1/2" - 2  9/10" = $59.00 extra 

  1. The new 64-74mm inner frame ring replaces the custom expansion rings which are no longer available.

  2. All windows include Blind and Screen assemblies.