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Aluminess Weekender Roof Rack - Sprinter

Original price $3,900.00 - Original price $4,500.00
Original price
$3,900.00 - $4,500.00
Current price $3,900.00
WHEELBASE : 144" High Roof

Aluminess Weekender Sprinter Roof Rack turns your Mercedes Sprinter into a versatile cargo carrier. This roof rack system increases your van’s usable space. Now, you don’t need extra trailers or a second car. It’s perfect for hauling gear, from cargo boxes to surfboards. Plus, it’s great for lounging and enjoying the view. Made of sturdy aluminum, this rack is both light and durable. You can choose from two flooring options. Experience another level of freedom with your Weekender Sprinter Roof Rack.

Double Loop/Slats – Double Loop, Low Profile basket with slat flooring; walkable and easy to tie down cargo

Double Loop/Perforated – Double Loop, Low Profile basket with perforated flooring; great platform for lawn chairs, tripods, or a sleeping platform

PLEASE NOTE: Roof racks and roof rack accessories may interfere with factory roof mounted satellite antennas. Antenna relocation may be required for full satellite radio functionality.