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Northwest Conversions 20 Gallon Water Tank SP-R-20

Original price $299.00 - Original price $299.00
Original price
$299.00 - $299.00
Current price $299.00

Sprinter Van Water Tank.

  • 20 Gallon Water Tank
  • Can be placed either driver or passenger side
  • If placed passenger side the tank sits with majority rear of wheel well and flush to front of wheel well.
  • If placed driver side the tank sits with majority front of wheel well and flush to rear of wheel well.
  • 44.5” long, 12.5” deep, 16” tall
  • Designed to fit Sprinter Van
  • TRANSIT Van wheel wells are slightly smaller than the Sprinter so there is a bit more room for insulation around wheel well.
  • **PROMASTER**  needs to be elevated 3.5″ to fit the large wheel wells.
  • Tank has (2) 1.5” NPT ports (need to be drilled out) and (2)1/2” NPT ports on rectangular end.  No Ports on open end.
  • Tank has (1) 1.5” NPT port (needs to be drilled out) on top or fill or level sensor.
  • Tanks are made from BPA Free Food Grade Plastic