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144 Ramble Mattress

Original price $1,350.00 - Original price $1,680.00
Original price
$1,350.00 - $1,680.00
Current price $1,350.00
Mattress Type: Adventure

We offer two different mattress for the bed system in the Infinity 144" Ramble Kit. Both mattresses are custom made to fill every square inch of usable space in the bed area, including the cutouts for Flarespace Flares. 

Our 6" Adventure Mattress is the more durable of the two options. It offers good comfort and is a bit on the firmer side. The materials used in construction are made to withstand many years of use and can even be taken outside of the van and used with relatively little risk of staining or damaging the mattress. 

The 8" Comfort Mattress is the most comfortable mattress we've ever tested. The construction consists of a 4" layer of firmer foam on the bottom and a 4" layer of "quick recovery” memory foam which is THE premier comfort layer available on the market today. Quick recovery means it is not like other memory foams that “sink in,” bottom out, and make you feel like you’re sleeping in a pit.