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Infinity Interior Kits

Introducing Infinity Interior Kits

The only fully modular Sprinter kit on the market today. 

Infinity Interior Kits are the next exciting wave of van building. Gone are the days of endless designing, measuring, cutting, test-fitting, and re-fitting parts haphazardly inside a van.

Most people just want a simple functional design that goes together quickly and efficiently, not a year long project full of frustration and mental challenges.

Until now, no fully integrated interior van system has existed, so every van build was a project of its own, requiring a full set of fabrication tools and expertise in each phase of building a van (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, metal works, upholstery, etc). The end result for the average builder was a lot of wasted time and energy. That all changes now.

Infinity interior kits are fully integrated kits that include the floors, walls and ceiling for a van as well as cabinetry and accessories to finish out the build. But that's only the beginning. The true genius of the Infinity Interior Kits is the way they all of the other elements of the build are integrated. For instance, the sub walls are designed to accept the electrical wiring. There are programmed cutouts for common van accessories, such as flares, ceiling fans, vented windows and skylights. Both the power and water system fit seamlessly into their respective cabinets, cutouts for ceiling lights are programmed into the panels, and the galley accepts a large fridge, sink and induction cooktop with the precise cutouts needed so everything fits perfectly the first time!

To truly appreciate this concept, please go and build a custom van first and then come back to the site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Buy An Infinity Interior Kit?

After 5 years in development, the launch of this exciting new product line is finally here! Kits will begin shipping in June 2022. We understand that you're anxious to get started building and want a kit asap! Thank you for your patience as production is scaling up to meet demand. 

What's Included?

Base Kit

  • Sub Walls (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Finish Panels (floor, walls, ceiling)
  • Installation Hardware


  • Power System Cabinet
  • Water System Cabinet
  • Bed System
  • Galley
  • Dinette Set
  • Upper Cabinets


  • Hammock
  • Sky Chair
  • Soft Bags
  • Storage Units
  • Kitchen Accessories

How Much Do The Kits Cost?

The main driving force behind the development of the Infinity system is to simplify the van building process and ultimately save the builder significant amounts of time and money. Versus building a completely custom van interior you can expect to save thousands of dollars and at least 100 hours of build time (probably more like 200 hours saved). 

144" Base Kit Pricing 

170" Base Kit Pricing

Can I Install The Kit Myself?

Yes, in fact there is no easier way to build out an entire van than with the Infinity Interior Kit! If you are confident in your skills to build a van, this system is your best chance at a professional level van build, without needing to be an expert in electrical, plumbing, cabinet-making, interior design and a slew of other skills. 

If you are a van builder, this will completely change the way you build your vans. You can expect your turnaround time for a van like this to be counted in weeks, not months. Please contact us to join the builder program now!