What's Next for Van Building? | Best Way To Build Your Sprinter Van

In today's video we share more about the Infinity Interior Kits! We have made some videos about them before (if you haven't seen them, check the links below), and today we give you a deeper dive into what is included in the kit and the benefits of using one of them. We truly believe this will change the van building industry forever as it makes building and having a van much more accessible for everyone. As of now, the Infinity Kit is only available for the 144 and 170 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. BUT, this will change in the future.... stay tuned.....

Learn More About This Kit: https://vanlandstore.com/pages/infinity-interior-kits

Watch our original video about the Infinity Interior Kits here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUsUotdzcI8

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