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The Best Suspension Upgrade for Sprinters- No Contest!

The Best Suspension Upgrade for Sprinters- No Contest!

WE ARE BEYOND STOKED TO SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOU GUYS! Today we got the chance to test out and install the new Evictus Suspension Kits and could not be more shocked by how incredible the experience is. In this video we were joined by the Evictus Team as they taught us all about their new suspension kits and show us just why they have set a new standard for the van industry. We show you some behind the scenes of the installation process, share the before and after of the suspension, and give you our full review after having taken the van on a road trip from California to Oregon with the new Evictus kit installed.

Have you upgraded your suspension yet? Come visit us at our head quarters to take a test drive and experience the life changing drive yourself!

Evictus Suspension Kits:

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