Q&A On The Absolute Fastest Way to Build Your Van | Infinity Interior System

In this week’s video we sit down with the chief creative officer of Infinity Vans, Cemil Hope, to answer some of the questions about the Infinity Interior System. Our last video featured this innovative interior kit that marks a new era of van building. This kit includes everything you need to build the entirety of the interior of your van. We did not cover every question in this video, so you can expect more Q&A’s about this system in the future in addition to Infinity Van tours and much more!

Watch the full video on the Infinity Interior System here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUsUotdzcI8

Learn more about the builder program and Trainings here: https://infinityvans.com/pages/builder-program Check out the Infinity Interior Kits on our store! https://vanlandstore.com/pages/infinity-interior-kits

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