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Finally! The Perfect Air Conditioning Solutions for Vans

Finally! The Perfect Air Conditioning Solutions for Vans

In this video we discuss the off-grid air condition solution that the van industry has been waiting for! With the release of the Nomadic 48v air conditioners and the recently released EcoFlow Power Kit, we now have extremely efficient onboard air conditioning.

Van Land offers the EcoFlow Power Kit and Nomadic 48v air conditioner bundle, including all of the essential parts you need to get this system installed in your van.

Purchases from Van Land Include:

  • 5k or 10k Power Kit
  • Nomadic X2 or X3
  • 48V Adapter Cable
  • We Handle the Warranty

Product Link 

Online Store 

EcoFlow Power Kit Review 
EcoFlow vs. Victron Comparison 
How to Program the EcoFlow Power Kit


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