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Volcanic Overland Expedition

Volcanic Overland Expedition

When:  April 12-14 2024

PRICE: (Driver) $1295.97 

(Passenger) $350.00

This experience will allow you to feel that your van is more capable because you’ll be more confident in it. Starting near the Oregon border, you’ll travel through the high desert where lava fields now scar the earth. Navigating through the harsh terrain you’ll understand the beauty in this black coarse rock. Driving across lava flows and exploring lava tubes. This won’t be a trip you’ll forget. Continuing North you’ll travel through the Fremont / Winema National Forest climbing to 7,000’ in elevation and driving beautiful ridgelines for as far as the eye can see while exploring some of the most desolate places on the west coast. Ending near Bend Or. camping next to rivers and reservoirs, this 3-day overland expedition will allow you to feel prepared and build your confidence in exploring the unknown!

It will be a camping trip full of amazing views, river crossings and some light technical off-roading and not to be taken lightly. Many months in the high desert experiences freezing temperatures. Please pack appropriately for your trip, clothing and equipment wise. This 3-day, guided trip includes scenic & historic destinations of the Oregon / California high desert. Using paved and unpaved roads you’ll have approximately 80 miles of fun each day! This route is beginner friendly! We do our best to include as many miles of dirt as possible. 3 days of stunning Oregon/California beauty, hanging out around camp and meeting new people, this won’t be a trip you’ll forget!

All campers are required to use a UHF radio to communicate within our group. 1 Radio will be given to you for the duration of the trip. At the end of every day we will collect all of the radios and charge them for the next morning. We will be using a set channel that DOES NOT require a HAM radio operator Lic.

This is a catered event where breakfast and dinner are provided for participants at camp. Lunch will be on the trail and up to you. We will have plenty of time to make lunch at our lunch stops and enjoy the views. Our support staff are there to help you throughout your Lost Coast Experience.

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