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Mojave Road Experience

Mojave Road Experience

When: April 25 – April 28 2024

PRICE: Driver $2,592  | Passenger $775 


Day 1 we will be meeting in Laughlin NV around 9AM. We will be leaving no later than 10am and promptly starting the Mojave Road. Trekking across the desert to our first stop Fort Piutte. Here lays tons of old ruins from the mining days. From Fort Piutte we will be continuing West to a couple of not so well-known petroglyph sites where we will be stopping for lunch. We will wrap up our first day on the trail in the New York mountains finding camp in the towering rocks around us.

Day 2: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast is served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and get ready for the adventures that await. Day 2 is packed with fun. We will be making our way out of the New York mountains leaving by 9:30am and head back down to the Mojave rd. where we will be driving through one of the largest joshua tree forests in the world. Our next stop will be Burt Smith cabin and then on to Mitchell Cavern where we will have lunch. After lunch we can hang out and go on one of the guided tours into the cavern if you are up for it. After leaving the cavern we will make out way up to Hole in the Wall and check out the very cool features in the rocks there. We will be making camp just outside of the Hole in the Wall and have dinner prepared once you arrive at camp. We will enjoy dinner around the campfire and talk about all of our adventure stories!

Day 3: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast will be served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and get ready for the 10am departure time. Saturday we will be making our way to the famous Kelso Dunes and Kelso junction. We’ll have lunch down at Kelso junction then make our way up to some of the Mojave Road lava tubes. After visiting the lava tubes, we will find camp nearby and if you need fuel to make it through the rest of the trip there is a 35 mile loop in to Baker CA, to the closest fuel station. We recommend going for fuel before dinner.

Day 4: Coffee will be ready by 7am and breakfast is served by 8am. After breakfast we will pack it up and hit the last day on the trail by 10am. On this last day we will be making our way out to the Soda dry lakebed, along the Mojave river and into Afton Canyon. We will make our way out through the Afton Canyon River crossing and sadly say our goodbyes and depart our separate ways.

  • All meals are prepared by our gourmet chef “Lena” that cooks everything fresh every day. We bring a gourmet flair to camp cooking, and you’ll be raving about the meals every day! Lena has been catering for our events from the beginning and has turned many of our support crew in to foodies!
  • Expect breakfasts like French Toast with Sausage, or an amazing Veggie scramble.
  • Dinners range from Seared steak, whole roasted sweet potato topped with lentils, micro greens, pickled onions, avocado, ranchero sauce, sour cream, cilantro, and lime slaw or Farro salad with Fennel, and Apple, toasted Walnuts. Asparagus with garlic and lemon and Beef/Pork meatballs with marinera and creamy Polenta.
  • Lunches will be on the trail “Picnic Style” with premade sandwiches with chips, drinks and fruit. We will provide condiments, veggies, and cheese you can add on to your sandwich at lunch.
  • You will need a minimum range of 180 miles. We will be stopping halfway at Baker CA, for fuel. The entire route consists of 230 miles.
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