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Eastern Sierras Experience

Eastern Sierras Experience

Next Trip:  November 9 – November 12, 2023

The Eastern Sierra Experience is a backroad van adventure trip in one of the most beautiful and remote areas of California. 

PRICE: Driver $1,295.92 / Passenger $350.00 

You will be traveling along the beautiful Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains from the Iconic Alabama Hills to the beautiful ski town of Mammoth Lakes CA. Along the route you will be exploring the back roads of Alabama Hills, where numerous movies have been filmed in the past, historic Manzanar camp and some amazing gold mines throughout this sections of the Eastern Sierra. It will be a camping trip full of amazing views, possible river crossings and some technical off-roading and not to be taken lightly. November in the Sierra experience’s freezing temperatures. Please pack appropriately for your trip, clothing and equipment wise. This 4 day, Guided, Fully Catered Experience includes scenic & historic destinations of the Eastern Sierra. Using paved and unpaved roads you’ll have approximately 60 miles of fun each day! This route can be done by beginners if they are willing to learn and take their time, but it is recommended for intermediate off-road skill level. 4 days of stunning California beauty, hanging out around the campfire, amazing catered meals, and meeting new people, this won’t be a trip you’ll forget!

We will issue all campers UHF radio to communicate within our group. We will be using a set channel that DOES NOT require a HAM radio operators Lic. We also encourage the use of Gaia GPS, it is the software we use to create the route for everyone.

This event is hosted by Backroad Van Adventures. 


*All Events Licensed, Permitted, & Insured

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